ICANN to approve new UDRP provider

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ICANN is set to approve a new UDRP provider at a board of directors meeting next week. May 3, the board will approve the Canadian International Internet Dispute Resolution Centre as its sixth approved provider and the second based in North America. The resolution to approve its now year-old application is on the consent agenda […]Related posts:New UDRP provider headed by “ace cyber lawyer” Businesses to object to Arab UDRP provider Asian outfit named second URS provider

Amazon tells power-hungry governments to get stuffed

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Amazon has rejected attempts by South American governments to make the would-be gTLD .amazon “jointly owned”. In a letter to ICANN last week, Amazon VP of public policy Brian Huseman finally publicly revealed the price Amazon is willing to pay for its dot-brand, but said members of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization are asking for […]Related posts:Amazon offered $5 million of free Kindles for .amazon gTLD ICANN plays tough over Amazon dot-brands Updated: More .amazon delay as governments cancel talks

Oh, the irony! Banned anti-Islam activist shows up on “Turkish” new gTLD domain

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Tommy Robinson, who has been banned from most major social media platforms due to his anti-Islam “hate speech”, is now conducting business via a domain name that some believe rightfully belongs to the Muslim-majority nation of Turkey. The registration could add fuel to the fight between ICANN and its governmental advisers over whether certain domains […]Related posts:More government domain name censorship? Turkey blocks Google DNS in Twitter crackdown ICANN blocks .islam after government veto

I Replicated the GoDaddy Auctions “Glitch”

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Andrew Allemann wrote about a GoDaddy Auctions “glitch” that caused a bidder to lose an auction that he thought he had won. I can see how he would be upset because the messaging does indicate that he won the auction despite the fact that he lost the auction. I received the same email from the […]

Joe Biden Running for President, Using

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Earlier today, former Vice President Joe Biden announced that he is running for President in the 2020 US election. He will be running against a large slate of candidates in the Democratic primaries leading up to the general election: The core values of this nation… our standing in the world… our very democracy…everything that has […]
58 Sells for $402,500 via Great Domains Auction

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Sedo’s Great Domains auction concluded a few moments ago, and was sold for $402,500. The auction was extended by over and hour and a half as the high bidder continued to slowly increase the high bid enough to hit the reserve price. In total, there were 39 bids placed in the auction. Once the […]

2nd Annual Indian Domain Summit is This Weekend

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The Indian Domain Summit will be taking place in India on April 27th. The one-day domain investment conference will be held in Amritsar, Punjab at the Golden Sarovar Portico Amritsar. I believe this is the second edition of the Indian Domain Summit. Here’s the focus of the conference, according to the event website: “Indian Domain […]

Poll: Will Sell in Great Domains Auction Today?

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Dave Evanson shared a reminder this morning about the Great Domains auction ending today on Sedo (link in his Tweet): Here we go!! Only 5 hours left for @sedo Great Domains Auction! Several great names and it is going to be an exciting finish! Here is the auction — dave evanson (@SedoDaveEvanson) April 25, […]
26 -- 12h 39m

DomainNames (#1) 50 days ago Auctions Closing Within 24 Hours gayinpariscom -- 12h 39m All   Discuss  | Add To Estimated end time: 2019-04-27 07:32 ESTCurrent Bid: --
74 -- 14h 4m

DomainNames (#1) 50 days ago Auctions Closing Within 24 Hours geheimtippch -- 14h 4m All   Discuss  | Add To Estimated end time: 2019-04-27 08:57 ESTCurrent Bid: --
58 -- 15h 0m

DomainNames (#1) 50 days ago Auctions Closing Within 24 Hours horecaca -- 15h 0m All   Discuss  | Add To Estimated end time: 2019-04-27 09:53 ESTCurrent Bid: --
32 500 EUR 15h 37m

DomainNames (#1) 50 days ago Auctions Closing Within 24 Hours twenty4sevende 500 eur 15h 37m All   Discuss  | Add To Estimated end time: 2019-04-27 10:30 ESTCurrent Bid: 500 EUR Reserve met Bids: 1 Domain Language: German
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