.Green Turns Earth Day into Earth Month - Celebration Continuing This Weekend in New York City

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While Earth Day was held on Wednesday, the .green registry has been holding a month-long celebration around the event. In fact this weekend DotGreen is sponsoring the GreenFestivalExpo in New York City, a 3-day event that continues through Sunday .

.Coms Take 18 of 20 Positions on This Week's Sales Chart with 3-Letter .Coms Still Rocking

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No six-figure sales were reported this week but there were still a lot of solid sales to report, especially from the .com camp. The world's most popular TLD swept 18 of the 20 entries on our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart with six more 3-letter .coms hitting the elite list.

Go Daddy Off to the Races With Fast IPO Start - .CLUB Registry Reaches 200,000 Registrations

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One of the biggest stories not just in the domain world, but the mainstream business world as well, is Go Daddy's first day as a publicly traded company today. The stock got off to fast start - jumping 30% at the opening bell. Today was also a landmark day for the .CLUB Registry.
6 Takes the Checkered Flag with Biggest Domain Sale Reported This Week

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The new weekly domain sales report is out at It's not often that we see a .info domain on our weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart and almost unheard of to see one beat all comers, but that happened this week. Still, the .coms swept 16 of 21 chart entries overall.

Uniregistry Tells Customers They Will Be Rolling Out "Innovative New Domain Marketplace" Soon

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Uniregistry sent a letter to clients thanking them for helping the new registrar reach over 800,000 registrations in the company's 1st year. The letter also had an interesting bit of news - a line that said a new Uniregistry Market for buying & selling domains was coming soon.

Next Heritage Auctions Live Domain Sale Coming to San Francisco This Summer

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Heritage Auctions has announced that their next live premium domain auction will be held in San Francisco on June 25. Submissions of one-word and two or three letter .coms are now being accepted.

Friday's World Domain Day is the 1st of Three India Conferences Planned for 2015

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After a successful debut in Hyderabad last August World Domain Day is back, this time in a different city, for round two coming up on Friday (April 10) in New Delhi. That will be the first of three 2015 conferences planned by three different promoters in three different cities.

Demand for 3-Letter .Coms Continues to Soar - They Take 14 of 20 Entries on Latest Sales Chart

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The latest weekly domain sales report is out at Two six-figure sales led the way but the big news was an overwhelming performance by 3-letter .coms that swept 14 of 20 chart entries.

New Study Says "Consumers Feel Uncomfortable with the ‘New Internet’ and New gTLDs"

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The quote in the headline above comes directly from a press release we received today from the NCC Group about a "New Internet Study" they conducted. We sent a message to a leading new gTLD registry operator requesting their take on this study but have not yet received a reply.

Building .Buzz: How Bill Doshier Wound Up Running His Own Domain Registry

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Hundreds of new domain extensions have been introduced over the past year with most of them scooped up by well-funded corporations. Still, if you look closely enough you can spot an occasional David among the Goliaths. One of those Davids is .Buzz's Bill Doshier.

DomainHoldings Broker Tracy Fogarty Leaves to Open Own Shop at

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After two years as an outstanding broker at DomainHoldings (and 20 years as a successful broker in both the mortgage and domain fields), Tracy Fogarty has left to open her own brokerage and domain consulting firm at

Latest Report From the Public Interest Registry Shows .ORG Growth Continued in 2014

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Public Interest Registry, the operator of the .org domain, released their latest bi-annual domain name report covering the second half of 2014 today. With the final numbers from last year now tabulated, the PIR report showed another year of growth for the TLD.

.Com Turns 30! With Top Domains Now Worth a Fortune More Criminals are Trying to Crash the Party

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Happy 30th Anniversary .Com! The world's most popular domain extension reached that milestone today (March 15, 2015) - three decades after was registered. Good .coms have skyrocketed in value since then and that has unfortunately drawn attention from cyber criminals.

5-Figure Domain Sale Prompts THE Domain Conference to Extend Discount Through St. Patrick's Day

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You may have noticed that sold for €10,000 to earn a spot on the all extension Top 20 Sales Chart last week. The seller happened to be Howard Neu, founder of THE Domain Conference that will debut next fall. Turns out Howard's good fortune is good for ticket buyers.

After Winning in the Domain World Michael Gilmour Goes to Battle on the Bookshelf!

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I have always been astonished by how remarkably creative so many people in the domain industry are. Our embarrassment of creative riches was underscored again today when Founder Michael Gilmour published his first novel!

15 .Coms & 5 ccTLDs Fill This Week's Top 20 Domain Sales Chart Including Five 3-Letter .Coms

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.Coms had another solid sales week, filling eight of the first nine places on our latest weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. The ccTLDs also had a good week with five chart entries including one that ranks as the 4th biggest country code sale reported so far this year.

Page Howe Raises .LA's Profile During Trip to Washington D.C. With Southern California Business Leaders

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Veteran domain investor Page Howe wrapped up a 3-day trip to Washington, D.C. last night as part of a new role he has taken with the .LA domain registry. Page was one of some 200 Los Angeles area business leaders who made the ACCESS Washington D.C. trip.