Pirate Proxy ‘Unblocked’ Fights Censors With 38th Domain Name

  • By Ernesto

Millions of people use dedicated proxy sites to bypass pirate site blockades. “Unblocked” has grown to become a leader in this field, which has made the site a target in its own right. This has resulted in an ongoing game of cat-and-mouse that has led to dozens of forced domain name changes.

The entertainment industries generally view website blocking as one of the best tools available to prevent people from pirating.

The practice has been around for over a decade and has slowly expanded to more than 30 countries around the world.

While these blockades may help to deter some casual pirates, there are plenty of people who find their ways to pirate content through workarounds. VPN services are often used as well as dedicated proxy sites, including those provided by “Unblocked.”

Unblocked started in 2013, mainly in response to the UK blocking efforts. It began with links to a few dozen blocked pirate sites, and today that number has grown to more than a hundred.

“Unblocked.pet is the 38th domain for the site,” the Unblocked team adds.

To stay true to its name, the site has to find new domain names time and again. The total count of 38 domain names thus far says enough. While this is a nuisance for the operator, it doesn’t appear to hurt the userbase too much.

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